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News Update!

Writer Hannah comes to you with a hot and fresh news update!

Transcript is below the cut!

Hi everyone! Hannah here with an Inn Between news update, as promised.

First of all, as of today—that’s December 5, if you’re listening the day we’re uploading this—we’ve hit five thousand downloads! That is…that is so many downloads. I am so grateful to you guys for listening. Thank you.

Secondly! You’re probably wondering what’s going to happen in season two! Well never fear, a couple weeks from now we’ll be releasing a teaser, which will answer none of your questions, but hopefully give you something to look forward to. Season 2 is planned for late spring in 2019, which is a pretty long way away, but there’s a chance you’ll be getting some bonus content before then. I say a chance because we’re going to need your help.

This show is a labor of love from me, the writer, but it’s a labor of labor for Katherine Ayers, our audio wizard. Labor deserves to be paid, when we can, and we’d like to be able to pay more than the eight or so bucks per episode that we currently make from our Patreon, after paying for hosting and website stuff. What we’re hoping for is fifty total patrons giving monthly by our season 2 release.

What does this have to do with bonus content? Well. We will be releasing bonus content for everyone, every time we hit a multiple of ten patrons. At twenty patrons, we’ve got a primo blooper reel, and after that, bonus episodes! Want to hear how Betty and Fina met? Want to know where exactly Meltyre’s sisters are? Want to hear Sterling try and fail to write a letter home to his mom? That’s gonna happen in your podcast feed, every ten patrons up to fifty.

And on top of that, every new patron who joins before February 1st, 2019, will receive a very good die-cut vinyl sticker of our logo. I will mail one straight to your house or PO Box or yurt or whatever. It’s yours, and it looks amazing.

Hannah, you may be asking me, how can I possibly help? I have zero money. First of all, same. Second of all, that’s okay. If you want that sweet sweet bonus content, all you have to do is recommend us to a friend. Word of mouth is the number one way people hear about podcasts. And maybe some of your friends have money! It’s worth a shot, and we’d love to have more people hearing our story anyway.

So, in summary: season 2 promo is coming in two weeks! Season 2 costs money. Pledge on patreon, get a sticker, and contribute to bonus content for all!

Join us at

Again, thank you. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve got in store. I love you! Bye!

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