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Month: July 2024

Story Time: Magic Practice

This story time takes place during 5.12, as in, in the middle of 5.12. Like, right in the middle. I like this story time for a few reasons, most of which you won’t find out until season six. So please, take this story and speculate.

Let’s go!


Larkin was used to tension. His magic was held in difficult balance, arguably the hardest and most important balance he held. It should get easier, holding tension like that, the longer you did it. Muscles got stronger when you exercised them.

It should get easier, but it didn’t, not when the tension was constant.

“I have…I have time now,” Rukes said, standing up, looking pointedly at Larkin.

“O-oh!” He stood up as well, aware of a sudden release in tension. Relief. Why relief, why in this circumstance? “Uh, sure.”

“I ought to practice buffs, anyhow,” Rukes said, with a casualness that belied how much they’d been working on it when they and Larkin were alone. Still though—

“I…I’d rather you not practice on me, um…” Larkin protested weakly.

Rukes stared him down, inscrutable. “Well someone has to be my victim.”

Regrettably, this was true. Buffs had to have a living target in order for Larkin to evaluate if they worked, and Rukes always insisted on an evaluation. He didn’t know how they stood up to the critique.