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Frequently Asked Questions

Did I miss something? There are “previously on” bits that I don’t recognize.

You didn’t miss a thing! The whole show takes place in the inn, where we can really get to know the characters.

Is this an actual-play podcast?

No. We love actual play podcasts, and listen to several, but Inn Between is scripted. It’s more about exploring the characters inside a hypothetical game rather than partaking or playing it.

So it is a Dungeons & Dragons podcast.

Sort of, yeah. It definitely plays with the genre.

You play a lot of D&D, don’t you?

Listen, we can stop anytime we want.

If you like D&D so much, why did you get [insert game mechanic/spell/species trait/monster CR/etc.] wrong?

Because Hannah likes good stories more than she likes mechanical details, Dave.

(Apologies if your name is Dave.)

What is Velune’s gender identity?

Friar Velune is agender and uses they/them pronouns, thanks be to Pelor.

Do you do transcripts?

Absotootly. You can find the transcript to each episode on the episode’s page, or there’s a link to it in each episode’s show notes in your podcatcher.

Where can I find the show?

We’re all over! Find us on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, or the podcatcher of your choice.

I’d like to write about your show!

Great! Check out our Press Kit here, and feel free to drop us a line if you have any more questions.

How can I support the show?

The easiest way is to leave us a good review on Apple Podcasts! It helps other people find the show and makes us look good. And tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell your D&D group! Tell passersby! Tell the flock of corvids that seems to be following you!

I like this show so much I want to give you money for it!

Oh, we like you. Please meander on over to our Patreon, where we will reward you richly for your riches, with annotated scripts, behind-the-scenes production updates, and public thank you notes!