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Season Three News Update!


Hannah gives you the scoop on what to expect from season three.

Transcript is below the cut!

Hi everyone! Hannah here with an Inn Between news update. Here’s the scoop.

The two questions I want to answer here are, What is Season Three Going To Look Like? And, When Is It Going to Come Out? Let’s start with that first question.

Season three’s story takes place about six months after the end of season two, and will feature five new adventurers. If you listen ‘til the end of this update, I’ll tell you their names, but suffice to say that most of them are connected to the Gang in one way or another. They’ll be going on entirely new adventures, and I can’t wait for you to meet them, but never fear, you will hear a little bit from the original gang as well.

Season three is still being written, but once it’s finished, we’re going to start a crowdfunding campaign to pay our actors. We’re gonna have lots of great rewards for contributors—early access to bonus episodes, physical rewards, a 1920’s heist AU novella (if I finish it in time), all kinds of stuff.

Speaking of bonus episodes, we’re going to have them on this feed during the hiatus. Some will be behind the scenes stuff, like a blooper reel, and some will be episodes that fill out the world of Inn Between or introduce our new characters.

Now, when is season three going to come out? Unlike previous seasons, this one will not come out in the summer. Given everything we have to do before we even start casting, the earliest you will see our season three premier is late fall or early winter of 2020. We’ll keep you posted as we know more, and we’ll make sure this feed isn’t entirely dead until then.

If you want to make sure that season three becomes a reality, the easiest way to help is by telling folks about our show. The more listeners we have, the more reach we have, and the better we can rustle up some support. If you are able to do more, then join us on for a monthly donation, where you will not only reap the benefits of lore, behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, annotated scripts, and personal thank-you’s, you will also be making a consistent and meaningful contribution to our show.

Now, I promised I would tell you the names of our new crew. I cannot wait to introduce you to Zara; Castor; Tode—not like the animal; Knowles—that’s K N O W L E S, like Beyoncé; and the thief from the end of episode 2.15, Rosie.

Until we meet again, my friends…thank you for listening.

The last coda of the theme song plays in the background. End.

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