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About the Showrunner

Hannah Wright

Wrangler of People and Stories

I have been writing since I was five years old, when I figured out that not only did my dad’s computer have pinball on it, it had a word processor. Of course, it’s all well and good to write stories in a vacuum; it takes teamwork to make something tangible, and I’ve found producing and directing to be a challenging and satisfying way to make words on a page into experiences, alongside some of the most incredible creators I’ve ever met.


I have been privileged to direct some very  talented actors on Inn Between. I prefer recording simultaneous audio with actors when I am directing, which has changed from actors in the same studio to Zoom as Inn Between and the pandemic matured. I find the best creation comes as a result of collaboration, so anytime I can communicate directly with actors and actors with each other is a plus.

My directing debut is Inn Between, and I was also privileged to direct actors for Joy to the World, a limited holiday series which premiered December 2022, Re: Dracula, a sweeping Dracula adaptation which premiered in June 2023, and The Dead, a zombie anthology in cooperation with the George A. Romero Foundation produced by Bloody FM.

Here’s an episode I was very proud to direct for Inn Between:

And here’s an example of my directing from Re: Dracula (from 2:07 to 13:50 in particular):


I have written more than fifty episodes of Inn Between, which consists of several seasons plus bonus episodes. All these episodes, plus additional examples of my writing, can be found here.

The subject matter is wide-ranging in a show about character development, but I’ve especially enjoyed the opportunity to sharpen my comedy skills.

From Episode “1.6: The Plan”

STERLING: As a matter of fact, yes. As the only member of our party with royal blood, I believe I am best qualified.

FINA: Oh, we’re pulling that card, huh? (ridiculous British accent) Well excuse me, my lord! How thoughtless of me, my lord!

STERLING: My bloodline is no joking matter, Fina!

FINA (still with the accent): Of course not, my lord! I would never dream of contradicting his lordship!

STERLING: I will thank you not to make a mockery of my title!

FINA (accent): Oh, there’s no need to thank me, my lord!

STERLING (chair scooting): That’s it—

Although I find personally that my strength still lies in a good old-fashioned argument.

I also have the opportunity to write prose for Inn Between, for bonus materials and crowdfunding perks.

From a novella, used as a crowdfunding perk:

The turning wheel of the waltz floated them around the ballroom, past a dais on which the sarcophagus was laid. The pair of them were quiet as they spun past it, not watching it as much as they watched the onlookers running their hands over the sarcophagus, or gingerly touching the mummy itself.

“It’s like they forget that she’s a person,” Fina mumbled.

Sterling’s gaze slid from the mummy to his dance partner. “Do you make a sort of spiritual practice of surprising people?”

Fina didn’t look away from the mummy. “It’s the only religion I have, pretty boy.”

Always Fina and Sterling being interesting, isn’t it?

I have also had occasional opportunities to submit work to other shows that I love, which has stretched my skills outside of the fantasy genre into horror and suspense. Here is an episode I wrote for a fantastic anthology show, Someone Dies In This Elevator:


Although our beloved Katherine Ayers is our main producer for Inn Between, the people-wrangling and logistical aspects of production are my tasks, and I find them very gratifying. I enjoy interfacing with every member of a team, organizing and redirecting creative input, and even scheduling meetings and recordings. I am very good at scheduling meetings and recordings.

My first formal roles as a producer were in the shows Joy to the World, a limited holiday series that premiered in December 2022, and Re: Dracula, a Dracula adaptation which premiered in June 2023. I’m also producing the suburban horror show Shelterwood, which will premier in 2024.

Wrangler of People and Stories

I count myself lucky to be able to work in the story-building business, but no story is told in a vacuum, and nothing is built alone. Collaboration is key, and I love to be the person who facilitates that collaboration.

So what do you say? Want to tell a story with me?

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