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Cast and Crew

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Seasons 1 and 2 Main Cast

Marquis Dijon Archuleta, wearing a teal polo and looking into your soul.
Marquis Dijon Archuleta (he/him) – Sterling Whitetower

Marquis Dijon Archuleta graduated from the University of Montana with a BFA in theater and a minor in psychology. A few credits include Julius Caesar in Julius Caesar, Lord Capulet in Romeo and Juliet, Tom Robinson in To Kill a Mockingbird, and Lewis in Pippin. He is delighted to have his first voice-over role and the privilege to work with this cast. If you want to contact Marquis, you can connect with him on his website (, his email (, or on his Instagram.

Kaleigh Christopher – Betty


Kaleigh Christopher has battled her way through 19 years of acting experience, leaving many an awed audience in her wake. She has also lead her own crusade as the co-creator of the horror web-series ‘TheOriginFiles’ (not for the faint of heart). She’s short on words but loves to tell stories.

Riley Jones, bundled up for the winter, holding a metal pineapple in a flowerpot in her right hand and a saw in her left.
Riley Jones (she/her) – Fina Butterbuns

Riley Jones is your average college student: desperate for a nap and $20. When not studying acting at the University of Montana, she can be found drawing, petting her cat, and napping in the middle of the day. She has been in productions such as Roger and Hammerstein’s Cinderella, Our Town, and a really bad Les Miserables theatre camp recital when she was, like, 13. Riley hopes to become a voice actor and an independent artist, which is the job combo equivalent of trying to fish with a spare piece of thread you found. You can commission her at her DeviantArt page, contact her by email (, or catch her on the hit epic fantasy podcast The Once and Future Nerd.

Kira Mills smiles at the viewer like she has a secret.
Kira Mills (she/her) – Friar Velune

A gal with a big heart (figuratively and literally), Kira is a BFA student at the University of Montana studying the art of Acting. When she’s not being crushed under the weight of her studies, she enjoys singing, video gaming, writing fanfiction, cosplaying, drawing, dancing, sleeping, knitting *GAAAAAAAAASP* and spending time with friends and family. An occasional Twitch streamer and Youtuber as well as shop owner, her passion is creating and sharing fantastical worlds, stories and characters through either the stage or the page.
Flaming Tiger Crafts on Facebook
Kira’s Deviantart

Austin Mowat, looking solemn and wearing a fluffy coat
Austin Mowat (he/him) – Meltyre

Take 3 parts person, 7 parts water, leave it a couple decades to ferment in an oak barrel, and you’ll meet Austin Mowat. With aspirations toward acting and voice acting, there’s no telling what this Socially Awkward Cocktail will say next. Currently located in a 13×10 prison cell located smack-dab in the University of Montana campus, Austin is working towards a BFA in Theatre, and if all goes well, Austin will spend the rest of his life in a constant search for employment! To see this creature in the wild, go visit its Facebook and Twitter! No flash photography please!


Season Two Special Guests:

Kalen Grinell as Reevis, The Guard, and the Townie – (he/him) – @Kalen_Grinnell on Twitter

Lindsey Dorcus as Lady Daria Whitetower – (she/her) –, @lindseydorcus on Twitter. Catch her on Among the Stars and Bones.

Shivangi Sikri as Princess Marie – (she/her) – Shivangi Sikri is an actress, singer, and writer, based in Vancouver, BC. At a mere five feet, she might be too short for select roller coasters, but her voice will still tower over you. She also plays Lady Lightning in Ace of Hearts and Kalyani in Modern Fae.

Tal Minear as Lydda – (they/them) – @starplanes on Twitter. Catch their show Sidequesting, and hear them on Ungifts (@ungiftspod on Twitter)

Daphne Nitsuga as Min – (she/her) –, @theonlynitsuga on Twitter

Mira Leigh as Seri – (she/her) – Catch her on Zoo. Contact her parent Fox on her behalf @mulderpls on Twitter.

Vladimir “Vladibear” Gabatel as Gromadak the Orc – (he/him) – @Vladibear_94 on Twitter

Eager Question as Lady Elena Truestone – (she/her) – find her as Eager_Question_Writes on reddit

Maria Micklasavage as The Sphinx – (she/her) – her website is

Matt James as Walritt the Salesman – (he/him) – find his work at

Shade Oyemakinwa as the Mysterious Fey – (they/she) – more from Shade at

Georgia Mckenzie as Dame Avaline – (she/they) – find Georgia playing Monica on the podcast Ostium, or on their website at

Paul Miscavage as Jicama – (he/him) – Paul’s podcast is Minefire (@minefirepodcast on twitter) and find him @minefire_paul

Allison Phillips as the Fey Queen – (she/her) – find her @AlliRambles

Sam “Raethr” Nguyen as Lord Denetrah – (he/him) – find him @Raethr_VO or on the podcasts Among the Stars and Bones and Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services

Lucille Valentine as The Thief – (she/her) – @severelytrans on twitter, or on Superstition, The 12:37, The Six Disappearences of Ella McCray, and The Easiest of All the Hard Things


Season Three Main Cast

Caleb Del Rio (he/him) – Castor Acroterion

Caleb Del Rio is a rare species of digital archivist with reported sightings in the swamps around North Central Florida. According to some, he has developed an affinity for gardening, and when not tending to his plants, he can be spotted making furniture or chasing after his unruly pets. His voice may be heard in audio drama podcasts such as Valence, Arden, and Jim Robbie and the Wanderers.


Quin Leigh (she/her) – Zara

Library administrative assistant by day and first-time VA by night, most of Quin’s other hours are spend stress crafting, playing video games, and adding media to her never-ending To Catch Up On list. If you want to get in touch, she’s the most active on her Twitter, @Quindiana_Jones, and her Instagram, @calicobagcrafts.


Anthony Morales (he/him) – Tode

My name is Anthony Ray Morales, I began my career being a freelance editor for various animations, parodies, and videos on Youtube. From there I provided many background voices and foley for them, and it was there that I began pursuing voiceover work. And as of today it has been four years since then and I have helped create a lot of amazing projects. My youtube channel: Demongrocerystore is where I make a parody about Legend of Korra. I have edited for DCAbridgedUniverse, Phatdog Studios, Dastails and the Schmuck Squad. I have voiced in the Anthologies of Ullord audio drama, Among the Stars and Bones, and provided voice work for the upcoming video game Brok. I’ve animated shorts for HawkAbridging’s Saber and Sons series, Jojo’s Odd jobs parody by LegendbyDesign and a Yu-gi-oh Halloween special from Foulfangedfied. Whether its animation, editing or voice over work I’m always happy to provide assistance to a project.


Lucille Valentine (she/her) – Rosie

Lucille Valentine is a desert rat masquerading as a voice actor, poetry and fiction writer, visual artist, and sensitivity consultant. Currently living in a Florida swamp, she finds herself missing the uncanny Arizona desert from which she hails, not unlike a ghost pining for the house its haunting. You can hear her in numerous podcasts, including The Six Disappearances of Ella McCray, The Easiest of All the Hard Things, Zoo, and The 12:37, or by pressing your ear up against a cactus skeleton on a windy night. She’s happiest when reading poetry to be sad on purpose and while aggravating grammar elitists over on Twitter.


JV Hampton-VanSant (they/them) – Sgt. Teric Knowles

JV Hampton-VanSant is a voice actor, podcast host, and writer. Their hobbies include playing games, collecting knives, building things, making costumes and improving their accuracy with a bow and arrow. They humbly invite you to get on their level. You can hear them on: RedWing, 1994, Unplaced, and A Horror Borealis.
Twitter: RedBlaqueGolden
TikTok: RedBlaqueGolden

Season Three & Four Special Guests:

Sam “Raethr” Nguyen as Killiker the Fantastic(he/him) – find him @Raethr_VO or on the podcasts Among the Stars and Bones and Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services

Ria Couoh as Vira – (ae/they/she)

Kalen Grinell as Traver – (he/him) – @Kalen_Grinnell on Twitter

Raven James as Nib – (she/they) – @greyhawkrogue across social media

Mandi Kaye as Mom – (she/her) – @mandikayevo on Twitter and on Pop Culturally Deprived Podcast and Endless Vigilance: A Star Trek Fan Production

Ash Williams as Raist – (he/they) – @SlashleyVA on Twitter

Sophie Ryder as Wizard 1 – (she/he)

Alex Wengenroth as Wizard 2 – (he/they) – @theexal on Twitter

Matti Mali as the Carrior – (he/him) – @RealMattiMali on Twitter and HedonisticActor on YouTube

Marielle Madden as the Adrine – (they/them, ae/aer) – @AetherAria on Twitter

Dean Brewer as Fearin Carrior – (they/he) – @WiththeGasheart on Twitter

Arrianna Abraham as Sadiyah – (she/her) – @Ladyaema_ on Twitter

Ray O’Hare as the Priest – (he/him) – @Ray_OHare on Twitter

Kira Apple as Cybilene – (she/her) – @KiraAppleVA on Twitter, and on Superstition, The Way We Haunt Now, and Electromancy.

Malcolm Jay as Maximilian Allerus – (he/they) – @roetgenium111 on Instagram and Twitter, and on Starfall

Sena Bryer as Stella Muneshyl – (she/her) – her website, and her show Dreambound

Scottye Moore as The Amazing Confoundo – (they/he) – @Scottyemo on Twitter, and their shows The Weird, Fun Fiction, and Deviant.

Eleanor Anwen as Glindis – (they/she/he) – @EleanorAnwen on Twitter, their website, and on The Waystation.


Season Five Main Cast

A picture of a white man with dark hair and a mustache, looking into the camera. He is wearing headphones and speaking into a microphone. He is wearing a zebra-striped shirt.
Mason Amadeus (he/him) – Mallon Larkin

Mason got his start as an RF and broadcast engineer in radio and now works full time in podcasting as an actor, writer, and sound designer for the show Digital Folklore. He is one of the creators of Podcube, an immersive surrealist satire comedy sketch podcast. In his ‘spare’ time he dabbles in 3D art, and programming, and is a collector of tedious hobbies. “The correct level of annoying.” ~Hannah Wright

A photo of a black person with a bright, sunny smile. They are wearing glasses and have two-toned hair, blond on their right and black on their left. He is wearing a blue shirt.
Malcolm Jay (they/he) – Max the Brigand

Malcolm is a mental health counselor by day and avid knitter by night. When he’s not decorating his home in completed framed puzzles he can be found at various parks around Los Angeles with his chihuahua Nick Furry or playing the same RPG for the millionth time because he is sure there is something he missed. See more of their work on Starfall.

A photo of a thin white woman with straight, long brown hair. She has a broad smile and wears a pendent necklace and a gray blouse.
Soulara Jane Joslin (she/her) – Phoebe Achnelith

Soulara Jane Joslin, (pronounced SOUL-AIR-ah) spends most of her time toiling away on her creative projects. Full of ideas, she’s always learning, absorbing experiences, and constantly seeks to balance the cerebral and the creative. In her spare time, she’s an avid hobbyist Philosopher, Role-player and Artist. But she has a secret… She’s primarily a Creator, Writer, Voice Over Artist, and Musician, though no one would hardly know it with how protective she is over her work. Thus far, only her most fabulous mother and mischievous black cat have set eyes upon her work, but hopefully she’ll be able to share it with you soon!

A photo of a while person with a blonde streak in her dark hair. They smile gently at the camera with their head tilted. She wears red glasses and layers of necklaces.
Emma Laslett (she/they) – Yak (Y’k’ty)

She’s here, she’s queer, and her nervous system is Bluetooth-enabled to keep the ghosts out – your local (assuming you live in the south of England or I’m enjoying a holiday) British transfem award-winning VA, streamer, and disability activist from the UK with an accent from nowhere in particular, Emma can be found lurking in her natural home of “the internet”, turning up in too many projects and waiting for someone to cast her as a villain. Catch her in that podcast you like, succumbing live to the dread hand of hubris three times a week on twitch, or by baiting a trap with an ill-researched piece of pop linguistics, and remember: if I look familiar, you probably watch a lot of quiz shows. See more of her work on Starfall and season two of Chaika.

An illustration of a chibi-like person with black hair, brown skin, and a green hat. Their expression is cute, eyes closed and serene.
CJ Tanuan (they/them) – Idzy Rukes

A bizarre, digital cave dweller, CJ Tanuan is a graphic designer and illustrator by trade that’s stumbled into the world of voice acting. When they’re not manically drawing late into the night, they can be found listening to a good podcast, roleplaying with friends or raging at video games that they’re not very good at. They can be found lurking on Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram (@jaradraws), or contacted professionally through their website


Season 5 Special Guests

Becca Marcus as Jenny – she/her – @BeccaMarcus on Twitter, find her on The Way We Haunt Now and Moonbase Theta Out

Greg Vinciguerra as David – he/him – @GregSaysStuff on Twitter

Brooke Jennett as the Hag – she/her – Check out her work on Thirteen, Digital Folklore, and Olive Hill.

Brandon Nguyen as Nero – he/him – On Twitter as @MisplacedVA, and see his work on Starfall, SCP-Archives, and Among the Stars and Bones

Ren as Taviv’ka – she/they – Find her on Twitter as @Ren_cant, on Casting Call Club, and on Yokai Detective Agency.

Rae Lundberg as Dhorighet the Trapper – they/them – listen to their show, The Night Post

Matt James as Walritt the Salesman – he/him – Find him on Fallout: London, The Penny Peepshow, The Devil Hates Mondays, or on his website.


Hannah Wright, in a black blouse with big old round glasses.
Hannah Wright (she/her) – Writer and Director

Hannah Wright is a science teacher by day and a frenzied project machine by night. Her love of stories has resulted in pages and pages of original work, thousands of words of fanfic, several TTRPG campaigns, four podcasts and counting, and a half dozen other hobbies. She’s here to make friends and drink coffee, and she’s just finished her coffee.

Check out her other show, The Liberal Aren’ts!


Katherine Ayers (she/her) – Producer and Editor

Katherine Ayers is currently a BFA student majoring in media and digital arts. When she isn’t in a blanket cocoon watching movies, you can find her making stickers and t-shirts, and animating things cut out of paper. This is her first podcast, but she is very excited to step into the world of sound production. Hop on over to her website to catch a glimpse of her other work.

William Wright – Assistant Director

Loyal henchman, certified go-fer, and younger brother of the director, William is neither the heart nor the backbone of the operation, but he’s certainly not the appendix of the operation. He has a passion for his church and education, and can be found making an especially delicious omelette or staring at birds obliviously as he wanders face-first into a rose bush.

Eli Isbell (he/him) – Musician

Eli Isbell is a composer, musician, programmer, front man for the up and coming band The Young Old Souls, and a good friend, which is not arrogant to say, because he’s not writing this, Hannah is. Take that, Eli.

Eli Hamada McIlveen (he/him) – Composer

Eli Hamada McIlveen has been recording strange noises since childhood, and producing podcasts since 2011. He is the lead writer, co-producer and composer for the fantasy hospital sitcom Alba Salix, Royal Physician and its spinoffs. Other editing and sound design credits include work for Radio Drama Revival, Aural Stage Studios and HartLife, and he’s appeared on shows such as What’s the Frequency, Jim Robbie and the Wanderers and Radiation World, playing a variety of humans and invertebrates.

A cartoon depiction of Gabrielle Buxman, with blue eyes and curly brown hair with a pencil stuck in it.
Gabrielle Buxman (she/her) – Artist

Gabrielle Buxman never stops creating, and every night she spends hours crafting visual celebrations of the natural, unique beauty found in everything and everyone, though she does find time to spend cat napping with her reformed fat kitty and gaming with her smart and sexy husband. She would love to design custom artwork to show off your unique beauty to the world. Find her on her website and follow her on Instagram.

Ria Couoh (ae/she) – Transcriber

Half tired college student, half art supply collection and 100% avid podcast fan, Ria Couoh is an artist, poet and transcriptionist. The very short and very Mexican personification of the color pink, Ria is not only passionate about stories, but about making sure those stories are accessible for everyone. Ae is currently pursuing a degree on Multimedia Design and can be found on her instagram or on her twitter, making sure everyone knows ae is only a lady when it’s funny. Check out aer art on instagram @riacouoh, or hire aer for transcriptions through Twitter @riacouoh!